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The most exciting beverage brand on the market today!

The market is saturated with unhealthy, marginal tasting, flavored water type drinks. Most drinks have no health benefit whatsoever, adding unneeded and unwanted calories and chemicals to unsuspecting customers, as they are masked in savvy and attention grabbing packaging.

We have combined all of the elements of a successful beverage line, in the most successful and dynamic segment in the beverage market today.

Our highly recognizable and respected PUR beverage brand is officially registered trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Owning the rights to such in your local market, is invaluable.


Functional/Sports Beverages are the fastest growing segment in the beverage market, while traditional beverages such as soda and juice, have watched their sales decline year after year.

As you are likely aware, over the last 12 years there has been a strong trend towards organic and natural items.

With the intense scrutiny that has been placed on the food and beverage industry for adding harmful additives, natural and organic products have become the trend for consumers across the entire spectrum.


The answer is quite simple actually. Distributors are just that, distributors. Distributors are not in the business of “building a brand”, they are in the business of taking an order for a product and delivering that product. What is left out of that business model, is how to effectively get the product into the hands of the end user consumer.

Our success and longevity in the market is based on our methodical approach to expansion. Understanding that building a brand takes time and dedicated effort to each and every retail account, Pur Beverages needs business partners that are dedicated to the Pur Beverages brand only, whether it be from merchandising the product at store level, to ensuring the proper pricing is on the store tags, to the most important of all, which is marketing the products to the end user consumer.


You will be the exclusive supplier of PUR brand products in your entire designated territory.  You will be responsible for getting the product placed with territory distributors and retailers.

The reason we are not going directly to a distributor, is due to the simple fact that we need partners that are committed to the brand building efforts of the brand, rather than simply sales of the product.

You will not only sell and self distribute to some retailers, but you will also sell directly to wholesale distributors in your territory. 

You will then work with them and their employees to get placement on shelves and merchandise the product on a regular basis.

Once you establish a distributor network, your focus remains on ensuring the brand is being built and the marketing of the products to the end user.

With distributors handling sales and delivery, your success will be predicated on marketing and branding, together making Pur Beverages a household name in your territory and beyond.


We will only grant one exclusive contract per market area, typically between 30-100 miles, depending on the population. This is done to ensure focus on the brand building of our product, and it is our way of ensuring our distribution partners are excited about bringing the products to market with the enormous revenue opportunity of such a large market area.

We feel very strongly that if you build it, you own it! We will be contractually obligated to each other to help build a solid, long lasting, and profitable business together, making Pur Beverages a mainstay in every market demographic.

You, and you alone, will be the sole supplier to not only retail accounts, but to other wholesalers in your market demographic.


Because we have chosen an entrepreneur based business model, we have set out to make our offer risk free and affordable.  Many businesses require enormous amount of up front costs and large amounts of operating capital in order to sustain the early years of building the business.  

Because your growth is directly tied to our growth, we want to ensure that you are not saddled with debt, where you can focus on building the business.

As you can see from the price of the opportunity and what you get for the price, there is no risk.  Once you sell through the first 300 cases of product, you have recovered your entire business investment. 


Your profits from your Pur Beverages Distributorship will vary depending on your area, however, the sky is the limit when it comes to profits and many people have created a lucrative turn-key business from marketing our beverages. Below is a brief breakdown of your return on investment:

Estimated profits when you sell to area distributors:

PRICE BREAKDOWN*Your CostYour Price To Area DistributorsYour Profits
Single Can$0.49$1.20$0.71 per Can
Case (24 Cans)$11.76$28.80$17.04 per Case
Pallet (100 Cases – 11.5 oz can)$1,176.00$2,880.00$1,704 per Pallet

Estimated profits when you sell direct to retailers (opening the market, before you sell to a distributor):

PRICE BREAKDOWN*Your CostRetailer CostYour Profits
Single Can$0.49$1.79$1.30 per Can
Case (24 Cans)$11.76$42.96$31.20 per Case
Pallet (100 Cases – 11.5 oz cans)$1,176.00$4,296.00$3,120  per Pallet
*Pricing is estimated at current market price and your profits will vary and are not guaranteed.

**  Pricing and profit will vary, depending on your promotional pricing plans.  All promotions are developed and implemented at distributors discretion.

What is included in the purchase price:

1. Exclusive distribution contract with Pur for all current and future beverage products.

2. 300 cases of product.

3. Marketing materials include point of sale displays, door clings, table tents, and business cards.


Although typically placed next to Red Bull and Monster, the uniqueness of the products set them in a category all their own. The products have a nutritional label rather than a supplement label. The products have a fraction of the calories and sugar of the other leading brands. We put only all natural ingredients including pure cane sugar for sweetener, rather than aspartame or others harmful sweeteners. All of the drinks are caffeine free.  The products are sold everywhere from all natural health stores, to normal retail stores, something the competition cannot say.

Financing: Available on a case by case basis.

Support & Training:Our continued success is predicated on our distributor partners’ success. Because we will be selling the exclusive territory rights to the Pur Brand in your market, we are committed to helping your business succeed. Extensive phone conferencing and support is offered to assist in building the brand.

Becoming a Distributor is as Easy as 1-2-3!

*You must complete all three steps for consideration